WIDERS KOREA, 2017 May Camp Fair

On 18th May 2017 Thu. WIDERS Camp Fair was held for Arab patients and family of patients. We divided the two program; one for female and kids and the other for male.

While setting the materials for fans and preparing the snacks, the participants were gathering one by one.

Ane they enjoyed making Korean traditional fan without distinction of age.

Then, we had snack time and painted nail polish with a nail polish instructor, all got the shining and beautiful nails which they wanted to get.

Male patients gathered at the lobby at 1:30 pm and moved to Seoul digital Futsal stadium. First they stretched them selves then played with futsal game divided into Korean versus Arabian for 30 min. and all participants were exited.

Especially, female participants expressed appreciation for having a chance to make Korean Traditional patterned fans and painted their nails with their own demand. They said that they will be participated in the future event hosted by WIDERS KOREA.

Male participants were also thankful for the efforts to improve their satisfaction through the event and contact regarding continually holding futsal tournament. It was the wonderful event all participants and employees of WIDERS KOREA all got satisfaction.