WIDER KOREA had ’17 New Year Workshop both 13th and 14th Jan. for cheering up.

We built teamwork through skiing and snowboard at Jisan Resort in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do Province

It was successful all employees attended except our finance board because of the birth of his second child.

On 13th Fri. we depastured to Jisan Resort with leaving work early(Thank you for all).

We divided into Skiing Team and Snow boarding team and went skiing and snow boarding for 3 hours once we arrived.

Mrs. Sull and new people who will be join us this February.

After midnight, we had a meeting in earnest.

Since cold weather, we couldn’t do the barbecue Party outside.

4 men including our boss delivered about 5kg baked folk to the room for feeding us.

Manager Yi, who has nickname as aunt, lectured what barbecue is.

Only Manager Yi didn’t need to get the skiing lecture, he went skiing alone. Later, he said his legs were trembling

After leaving work, even if we got turf schedule and hard work out, the meeting continued till 6 am in the morning.

Yuppie Enterprise with young employees with the average age of 32!

We wrapped up with provisional promise to make a snowboard club.

Keep it up, 2017 WIDERS KOREA!!