WIDERS KOREA-REDTIE BUTLER-M2 CORETUNE, Launched Medical Tourism Concierge Alliance.  

Three companies specialized in foreign concierge service are congenial together to revitalize medical tourism by improving the travel convenience service for patients visiting Korea for their treatment.

These tree companies signed an agreement to maximized the synergistic effect of their own specialties; the concierge service system for foreign patients of WIDERS KOREA INC., chat based concierge platform ‘Redtie Butler’ of Redtie INC. and the pick up transport service ran by M2 CORETUNE.

Through this agreement, WIDERS KOREA can provide various of O2O(online to offline) travel convenient service with chat based concierge service of Redtie Butler to monthly average about 400 foreign patients such as referred patients from UAE Government, individual patients from UAE insurance company, and employees of overseas airline, etc.

Redtie Butler, an online concierge service platform, has made various of partnership mainly with many domestic and overseas accommodations, so WIDERS KOREA, a speciality medical tourism concierge, provides online concierge service for patients and their family visiting Korea in earnest.

M2 CORETUNE, who runs the pick up service exclusively for foreigners, can also expand the business area not only medical tourist but also foreigners visiting partner hotels of Redtie Butler through this agreement.

Jeongju, Lee, the CEO of WIDERS KOREA, said “As glowing up the number of FIT Medical Tourist, ‘Concierge Service’ Market in non-medical part is also growing. Through this agreement, it became possible to secure high quality safe transportation convenience services as well as accessing various tourism contents for medical tourists visiting Korea.” He also expressed the expectation that “It contributes to revitalize the medical tourism by offering advanced medical concierge service to medical institution attracting foreign patients.”

Sunghan, Jeong, the CEO of Redtie INC., mentioned “It became possible to expand the chat based concierge service of the first domestic showcase to hospitals. Now it only have English and Chinese version but we are planning to making the versions of Russian, Arabic and Japanese in 2017” 

Restie Butler is running the service including pick up, tour, activities, ticketing, restaurant reservation agent, and purchasing agent. It also offers an one-step concierge service from customized recommendation by concierge team to make direct payment.

Customers are available to use the international payment options such as Visa, Mastercard, and Alipay, and also use the mobile voucher.

Jeongmin, Park, the CEO of M2 CORETUNE, said ” I think the difficulties suffering from other country is similar to everyone. Foreign patients and tourists have the same experience. They want to travel comfortably and safely to their destination with well communication. We are planning to broaden the general tourism service to medical tourism”

He is planning to provide a one-step higher safety and convenient transfer service to foreigners visiting Korea by preparing customized product from now on.

Now the number of medical tourists reaches about 30 million, the government sets close targets for attracting patients to medical tourism to 80 million people by 2021 and conducts close cooperation activities at the government level.


WIDERS KOREA established in 2011 as a specialist in medical tourism concierge service. WIDERS KOREA has made the contract on managing the foreign patients such as referred patients of UAE and employees of ABC airline from Russia with Severance, Seoul National University Hospital, Samsung Seoul Medical Center, and Korea University Anam Medical Center.

It’s the largest domestic company specialized in concierge service for foreign patients. It offers concierge service to monthly average about 400 referral patients including visitors from China, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

Recently WIDERS KOREA have secured a variety of channels for attracting Chinese patients by making contract with KEB HANA BANK in China.