WIDERS Korea, Signed MOU on ‘Activation of Medical Tourism’ with HONEYBEES

HONEBEES( CEO, Munjin, Yoon ) and WIDERS KOREA( CEO, Jeongju, Lee) agreed to activate medical tourism.

Recently both companies signed the strategic business agreement(MOU) to expand the service area for international patients.

Through this agreement, WIDERS KOREA has been able to offer HONEYBEES’ ‘O2O(online to offline) Service for living convenience’ for Arab referred patients from UAE Government, Arab national Insurance company and Employees from UAE nuclear energy corporation, overseas airline and Russian and Chinese patients, etc.

HONEYBEES will expand O2O living convenience service from domestic to foreign patients.

It provides various substitution service including delivering food considering foreign culture, purchasing the medicine and medical devices, drawing out the trash and cleaning, purchasing cell phone, laundry, and buying goods for long term residents.

WIDERS KOREA decided to run 24hours call center by language.

In the MOU ceremony, Mun-jin, Yoon, the CEO of HONEYBEES said “It is meaningful that we expand ‘DDINGDONG’ service from domestic to foreigners because the service has already been provided hundreds of thousands of service to domestic users and gained recognition.”

Jeongju, Lee, the CEO of WIDERS KOREA, declared “As glowing up in the Medical Tourism Market, ‘Concierge Service’ Market in non-medical part is also growing. We gain a foothold to enhance the service for monthly average about 400 foreign patients managed by WIDERS KOREA.

Both companies are planning to provide services to foreign patients visiting Korea from January next year through this business alliance.