On 19th Jun. the first completion ceremony and second joining ceremony for ‘Arabic Internship Program’ were held by Severance Hospital and WIDERS KOREA at Grand Hilton Hotel in Hongeun-dong, Seoul.

3 students major in Arab district, Myongji University were awarded a diploma with major attendants such as Yohan, In(the chief professor of Family Medicine) of International Clinic at Severance hospital, Administrators of UAE Embassy and faculty of Myongji University.

This program is for training specialists in non-medical service(interpreters, guidance etc.) for Arab Patient referred by Arab government expenses, the first session stared on 2nd March.

Dr.Yohan, In said ” Both Korean and Arabic are difficult to learn but both ethnic group are warmhearted so we all understand between Arab and Korea. I hope that not only learn for medical tourism and patient interaction but also building bridges of promoting friendly relations each other.

Jeongkuk, An, the chief professor of Arab district department, said “This educational program develops gradually individual Arabic skill and gets practical experiences. It’s the optimize course to educate a talented person with international practical skills and personality.”    

Second course is for 11 students from Arab district department of Myongji University and Arabic Devision of Chosun University.

The course will be expanded to other hospitals such as Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul National University Bundng Hospital, Korea University Anam Medical Center, Samsung Seoul Medical Center, and Wooridul Hospital, etc.

Jeongju, Lee, the general consultant of medical industries and CEO of WiDERS KOREA, said ” One of the major problems experienced by foreign patients who visit Korea for medical treatment is communication by language barrier. I will strive to cultivate global experts who have a practical ability to help immigration and clinical processes as well as a global mind with well understanding both cultures.”

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