KEB Hana Bank Launches ‘Korean Beauty Term Deposit’ in China

Hana Bank China Co., Ltd. and KEB Hana Bank launched ‘Korean Beauty Term Deposit’ for customers using 1Q Bank, a non-face-to-face mobile banking service, in China.

This deposit can be purchased non-face-to-face on the 1Q Bank of Hana Bank China without visiting its branches, and can be purchased from a minimum of 5000 yuan to a maximum of 500,000 yuan. In addition to the basic interest rate by deposit period, it offers prime rate of 0.2 percent point consisting of 0.1 percent point for more than RMB 50,000 at the time of entry  and 0.1 percent point at the time of visiting the affiliate site.

In the case of 1-year maturity, its interest rate is offered up to 2.45 percent by adding the prime rate on the 2.25 percent of the basic interest rate. The interest rate is provided up to 3.3 percent for a 2-year maturity deposit, 3.8 percent for 3-year maturity, and 4.1 percent for 5-year maturity.

To stay competitive with other Chinese banks, the Bank provides mobile coupons, which allow its customers to enjoy services such as aesthetics and health check at up to 20 percent discount, hotel reservation, and interpretation on the service website of ‘Widers Korea’, an official partner to provide Hallyu tourism services.