Dankook University-WIDERS KOREA, Signed MOU on Interpreter·Guidance for Human Resource Development for Arab Patients.

On November 29th, Dankook University and WIDERS KOREA Signed MOU on ‘Arabic Human Resource Development Program’ on Cheonan Campus of Dankook University.

This MOU was done for training a specialist in non-medical service(interpreter, guidance etc.) for Arab Patients with major participants including Prof. Sewon, Jang, Arabic Division of Dankook University and Mr. Hwankyu, Lee, director of WIDERS KOREA.

Hwankyu, Lee, a director of WIDERS KOREA, mentioned ” The number of Arab patients decreased sharply because of MERS(Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus), however, it tends to rise again. This MOU has a big meaning as we have high needs for specialized human resources of non-medical field by contracting insurance claims and attracting Arab patients with DAMAN insurance company( UAE national Insurance company).”

Prof. Sewon, Jang of Dankook University expected “It will be a good opportunity for the students majoring in Arabic since the Arabic market is very likely to expand and develop beginning of referring patients from UAE government.”

In the other hand, WIDERS KOREA provided the lecture on non-medical service for Arab Patients to the students majoring in Arabic from Chosun and Dankook University from 28th to 29th last month.

WIDERS KOREA has been running off the on-site internship program for students majoring in Arabic from Myonji University, Chosun University, and Dankook university since March 2015

The internship students are available to have experience in medical interpretation and guidance work for Arab patients, who are getting treatment at Severance Hospital, Seoul National University Hospital, Samsung Seoul Medical Center, Seoul National university Bundng Hospital, Korea University Medical Center, and Wooridul Hospital.

Prof. Kyuyoung, Jeong in Arabic division of Chosun University declared “I will open Medical interpreter course in 2016 to help students to choose their career.”