2016 Global Healthcare Policy&Management Forum will be held both 18th and 19th Oct.

2016 Global Healthcare Policy&Management Forum will be held at Grand Ballroom, Yonsei University with the theme of “Internationalization of medical care and the Role of the State”.

Currently, society and ethics, legal problems are emerging by rapid growth of global healthcare market.

The problem arising in medical internationalization cannot be solved by individual country systems with the multinational characteristics.

It’s the second forum following last year to discuss these problem and find a solution with world scholars who specialized in medical internationalization.

Through congratulatory message, Younghak, Kim delivered ” Many countries develop and actively promote internationalization of medical industry and medical treatment since they consider the medical industry as the driving force of economic.

There are four sessions for this forum.

In the first session, discussing the policy and national issues attended by Prof. Meghann Ormond of Wageningen University in Netherlands, Prof. Andrew N. Garman of Rush University in USA, Prof. Mika Toyota of Rikkyou University in Japan, and Prof. Alex Jingwei He of Hong Kong University of Education.

In the second session, some presentations on the theme of Asian Medical Tourism Cases and Issue will be made by In-suk, Lee of wellness team in Korea Tourism Organization, Researcher Hiromi Matsuda of Japanese Disease Research Foundation, prof. Jason CH Yap of Singapore National University and Sherene Azli of Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council.

The third session on 19th, they will deal with issue in medical tourism industries and prof. Tricia Johnson of US Rush University, Irving Stackpole of Stackpole & Associate in USA, Ilan Geva of Ilan Geva & Friends and Jisu, Lee of Enzaim INC.

In the last fourth session, we will proceed with presenting the theme of ethics and legal issues through medical tourism by prof. Valorie A. Crooks of Simon Fraser University in Canada, prof. Ruth Holiday of University of Leeds in UK, prof. David Reisman of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and Prof. Jinan, Kim of department of health administration in Yonsei University. 

Prof. Jinam, Kim declared ” Recently society and ethics, legal problems are emerging by rapid growth of global healthcare market, but it was very short to have chance for exchanging ideas and finding solutions for those topics with the scholars and experts in the world. We will develop a platform that can exchange our knowledge and insight of medical tourism with academic concepts and definitions through this forum.”

Worldwide scholars are participated in 2016 Global Healthcare Policy&Management Forum which hosted by Yonsei Institute of Health and welfare and sponsored by Goodwellness and WIDERS KOREA.