Medical Promotion Event for Severance Cardiovascular Hospital in Kazakhstan

Even though continuous slide in oil prices, Kazakhstan patients are still interested in and need to Korean Medical Tourism.

To keep pace with the medical market demand, Severance Cardiovascular Hospital hold a Medical Public Relations and WIDERS KOREA was responsible for planning and executing the event. It was held for 4 days from 1st to 4th. of Sep. 2015.

Both Kazakhstan hospital and Sevrance Cardiovascular Hospital showed a positive reaction to the cooperation and made some cooperative proposals.

Dr. Youngkuk, Go provided a lecture on vascular diseases to more than 70 audience including professors, medical residents and students at the Almaty Heart Center.

They made discussion on mutual MOU, medical staff training programs and medical charity in the meetings with the hospital director of Almaty Heart Center, pediatrics cardiovascular Hospital, TAU SUNKAR(Private), Health City.

In addition, two free health clinic were held by Korea Medical Travel and WIDERS KOREA respectively.

Total 80 patients were received medical treatment by Dr. Youngkuk, Go and Sunyoung, Park of Severance cardiovascular this event.

On the last day, they made detailed discussion on cooperating method for referring patients to Korea through the meeting with five agencies including KOREA MEDICAL TRAVEL and KOREA VISION TOUR. etc.