Korean Medical Charity Project of St. Mary Hospital

A kid named Xia Mae Banzueal was born with a congenital cardiac disease and proctatresia. Because her mother was in Tacloban City where hit by the powerful typhoon ‘Haiyan’ and was serious damaged in 2013.

The Catholic priest, Jongyoon, Park, heard her news during his local volunteering work and he asked St. Mary Hospital to help her.

Xia got free treatment at St. Mary Hospital, WIDERS KOREA supported the living expenses such as flight ticket and transportation fee etc.

She was undergone a heart surgery and anoplasty by medical team consist of cardiothoracic and pediatrics surgeon each month.

The surgery went well even if she was weak so slowly got better every day.

Mr. Osvaldo Padilla, the archbishop, from Philippines visit Xia and her family, and wished she a speedy recovery. Mr Hee-song, Son, Bishop of Catholic school, also went the hospital to encourage her.

Mrs. Angelica, her mother, was thankful with her tear to Korean Government and St. Mary hospital for giving a new life to her daughter.