WIDERS KOREA, 2017 July Camp Fair

As successful May Camp Fair, total 44 participants and 9 employees of WIDERS KOREA joined the July event. To play futsal game for male and female participants saw the Korean traditional performance named ‘Lotus’, and learned Korean Traditional Drum”Janggu”.

Females and kids gathered at the lobby where most patients stay then move to Jeong Dong theater to see the performance. After the show, they learned Korean traditional drum “Janggu” which saw in the performance without ages and youth.

Male participants gathered at the same hotel lobby, the gathering time was different from female’s. They moved to Street Futsal Park then they divied into two team; yellow team and orange team randomly regardless the nationality.

This event we got the hand written feedbacks from all participants. All participants enjoyed the event and they never forgot this memorable event. We got touched and try to do our best for our patients not to have any inconvenience.

WIDERS KOREA, 2017 May Camp Fair

On 18th May 2017 Thu. WIDERS Camp Fair was held for Arab patients and family of patients. We divided the two program; one for female and kids and the other for male.

While setting the materials for fans and preparing the snacks, the participants were gathering one by one.

Ane they enjoyed making Korean traditional fan without distinction of age.

Then, we had snack time and painted nail polish with a nail polish instructor, all got the shining and beautiful nails which they wanted to get.

Male patients gathered at the lobby at 1:30 pm and moved to Seoul digital Futsal stadium. First they stretched them selves then played with futsal game divided into Korean versus Arabian for 30 min. and all participants were exited.

Especially, female participants expressed appreciation for having a chance to make Korean Traditional patterned fans and painted their nails with their own demand. They said that they will be participated in the future event hosted by WIDERS KOREA.

Male participants were also thankful for the efforts to improve their satisfaction through the event and contact regarding continually holding futsal tournament. It was the wonderful event all participants and employees of WIDERS KOREA all got satisfaction.



WIDER KOREA had ’17 New Year Workshop both 13th and 14th Jan. for cheering up.

We built teamwork through skiing and snowboard at Jisan Resort in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do Province

It was successful all employees attended except our finance board because of the birth of his second child.

On 13th Fri. we depastured to Jisan Resort with leaving work early(Thank you for all).

We divided into Skiing Team and Snow boarding team and went skiing and snow boarding for 3 hours once we arrived.

Mrs. Sull and new people who will be join us this February.

After midnight, we had a meeting in earnest.

Since cold weather, we couldn’t do the barbecue Party outside.

4 men including our boss delivered about 5kg baked folk to the room for feeding us.

Manager Yi, who has nickname as aunt, lectured what barbecue is.

Only Manager Yi didn’t need to get the skiing lecture, he went skiing alone. Later, he said his legs were trembling

After leaving work, even if we got turf schedule and hard work out, the meeting continued till 6 am in the morning.

Yuppie Enterprise with young employees with the average age of 32!

We wrapped up with provisional promise to make a snowboard club.

Keep it up, 2017 WIDERS KOREA!!

KEB Hana Bank Launches ‘Korean Beauty Term Deposit’ in China

Hana Bank China Co., Ltd. and KEB Hana Bank launched ‘Korean Beauty Term Deposit’ for customers using 1Q Bank, a non-face-to-face mobile banking service, in China.

This deposit can be purchased non-face-to-face on the 1Q Bank of Hana Bank China without visiting its branches, and can be purchased from a minimum of 5000 yuan to a maximum of 500,000 yuan. In addition to the basic interest rate by deposit period, it offers prime rate of 0.2 percent point consisting of 0.1 percent point for more than RMB 50,000 at the time of entry  and 0.1 percent point at the time of visiting the affiliate site.

In the case of 1-year maturity, its interest rate is offered up to 2.45 percent by adding the prime rate on the 2.25 percent of the basic interest rate. The interest rate is provided up to 3.3 percent for a 2-year maturity deposit, 3.8 percent for 3-year maturity, and 4.1 percent for 5-year maturity.

To stay competitive with other Chinese banks, the Bank provides mobile coupons, which allow its customers to enjoy services such as aesthetics and health check at up to 20 percent discount, hotel reservation, and interpretation on the service website of ‘Widers Korea’, an official partner to provide Hallyu tourism services.


WIDERS KOREA-REDTIE BUTLER-M2 CORETUNE, Launched Medical Tourism Concierge Alliance.  

Three companies specialized in foreign concierge service are congenial together to revitalize medical tourism by improving the travel convenience service for patients visiting Korea for their treatment.

These tree companies signed an agreement to maximized the synergistic effect of their own specialties; the concierge service system for foreign patients of WIDERS KOREA INC., chat based concierge platform ‘Redtie Butler’ of Redtie INC. and the pick up transport service ran by M2 CORETUNE.

Through this agreement, WIDERS KOREA can provide various of O2O(online to offline) travel convenient service with chat based concierge service of Redtie Butler to monthly average about 400 foreign patients such as referred patients from UAE Government, individual patients from UAE insurance company, and employees of overseas airline, etc.

Redtie Butler, an online concierge service platform, has made various of partnership mainly with many domestic and overseas accommodations, so WIDERS KOREA, a speciality medical tourism concierge, provides online concierge service for patients and their family visiting Korea in earnest.

M2 CORETUNE, who runs the pick up service exclusively for foreigners, can also expand the business area not only medical tourist but also foreigners visiting partner hotels of Redtie Butler through this agreement.

Jeongju, Lee, the CEO of WIDERS KOREA, said “As glowing up the number of FIT Medical Tourist, ‘Concierge Service’ Market in non-medical part is also growing. Through this agreement, it became possible to secure high quality safe transportation convenience services as well as accessing various tourism contents for medical tourists visiting Korea.” He also expressed the expectation that “It contributes to revitalize the medical tourism by offering advanced medical concierge service to medical institution attracting foreign patients.”

Sunghan, Jeong, the CEO of Redtie INC., mentioned “It became possible to expand the chat based concierge service of the first domestic showcase to hospitals. Now it only have English and Chinese version but we are planning to making the versions of Russian, Arabic and Japanese in 2017” 

Restie Butler is running the service including pick up, tour, activities, ticketing, restaurant reservation agent, and purchasing agent. It also offers an one-step concierge service from customized recommendation by concierge team to make direct payment.

Customers are available to use the international payment options such as Visa, Mastercard, and Alipay, and also use the mobile voucher.

Jeongmin, Park, the CEO of M2 CORETUNE, said ” I think the difficulties suffering from other country is similar to everyone. Foreign patients and tourists have the same experience. They want to travel comfortably and safely to their destination with well communication. We are planning to broaden the general tourism service to medical tourism”

He is planning to provide a one-step higher safety and convenient transfer service to foreigners visiting Korea by preparing customized product from now on.

Now the number of medical tourists reaches about 30 million, the government sets close targets for attracting patients to medical tourism to 80 million people by 2021 and conducts close cooperation activities at the government level.


WIDERS KOREA established in 2011 as a specialist in medical tourism concierge service. WIDERS KOREA has made the contract on managing the foreign patients such as referred patients of UAE and employees of ABC airline from Russia with Severance, Seoul National University Hospital, Samsung Seoul Medical Center, and Korea University Anam Medical Center.

It’s the largest domestic company specialized in concierge service for foreign patients. It offers concierge service to monthly average about 400 referral patients including visitors from China, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

Recently WIDERS KOREA have secured a variety of channels for attracting Chinese patients by making contract with KEB HANA BANK in China.

2016 Global Healthcare Policy&Management Forum will be held both 18th and 19th Oct.

2016 Global Healthcare Policy&Management Forum will be held at Grand Ballroom, Yonsei University with the theme of “Internationalization of medical care and the Role of the State”.

Currently, society and ethics, legal problems are emerging by rapid growth of global healthcare market.

The problem arising in medical internationalization cannot be solved by individual country systems with the multinational characteristics.

It’s the second forum following last year to discuss these problem and find a solution with world scholars who specialized in medical internationalization.

Through congratulatory message, Younghak, Kim delivered ” Many countries develop and actively promote internationalization of medical industry and medical treatment since they consider the medical industry as the driving force of economic.

There are four sessions for this forum.

In the first session, discussing the policy and national issues attended by Prof. Meghann Ormond of Wageningen University in Netherlands, Prof. Andrew N. Garman of Rush University in USA, Prof. Mika Toyota of Rikkyou University in Japan, and Prof. Alex Jingwei He of Hong Kong University of Education.

In the second session, some presentations on the theme of Asian Medical Tourism Cases and Issue will be made by In-suk, Lee of wellness team in Korea Tourism Organization, Researcher Hiromi Matsuda of Japanese Disease Research Foundation, prof. Jason CH Yap of Singapore National University and Sherene Azli of Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council.

The third session on 19th, they will deal with issue in medical tourism industries and prof. Tricia Johnson of US Rush University, Irving Stackpole of Stackpole & Associate in USA, Ilan Geva of Ilan Geva & Friends and Jisu, Lee of Enzaim INC.

In the last fourth session, we will proceed with presenting the theme of ethics and legal issues through medical tourism by prof. Valorie A. Crooks of Simon Fraser University in Canada, prof. Ruth Holiday of University of Leeds in UK, prof. David Reisman of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and Prof. Jinan, Kim of department of health administration in Yonsei University. 

Prof. Jinam, Kim declared ” Recently society and ethics, legal problems are emerging by rapid growth of global healthcare market, but it was very short to have chance for exchanging ideas and finding solutions for those topics with the scholars and experts in the world. We will develop a platform that can exchange our knowledge and insight of medical tourism with academic concepts and definitions through this forum.”

Worldwide scholars are participated in 2016 Global Healthcare Policy&Management Forum which hosted by Yonsei Institute of Health and welfare and sponsored by Goodwellness and WIDERS KOREA.

Korean Medical Charity Project of St. Mary Hospital

A kid named Xia Mae Banzueal was born with a congenital cardiac disease and proctatresia. Because her mother was in Tacloban City where hit by the powerful typhoon ‘Haiyan’ and was serious damaged in 2013.

The Catholic priest, Jongyoon, Park, heard her news during his local volunteering work and he asked St. Mary Hospital to help her.

Xia got free treatment at St. Mary Hospital, WIDERS KOREA supported the living expenses such as flight ticket and transportation fee etc.

She was undergone a heart surgery and anoplasty by medical team consist of cardiothoracic and pediatrics surgeon each month.

The surgery went well even if she was weak so slowly got better every day.

Mr. Osvaldo Padilla, the archbishop, from Philippines visit Xia and her family, and wished she a speedy recovery. Mr Hee-song, Son, Bishop of Catholic school, also went the hospital to encourage her.

Mrs. Angelica, her mother, was thankful with her tear to Korean Government and St. Mary hospital for giving a new life to her daughter.


WIDERS Korea, Signed MOU on ‘Activation of Medical Tourism’ with HONEYBEES

HONEBEES( CEO, Munjin, Yoon ) and WIDERS KOREA( CEO, Jeongju, Lee) agreed to activate medical tourism.

Recently both companies signed the strategic business agreement(MOU) to expand the service area for international patients.

Through this agreement, WIDERS KOREA has been able to offer HONEYBEES’ ‘O2O(online to offline) Service for living convenience’ for Arab referred patients from UAE Government, Arab national Insurance company and Employees from UAE nuclear energy corporation, overseas airline and Russian and Chinese patients, etc.

HONEYBEES will expand O2O living convenience service from domestic to foreign patients.

It provides various substitution service including delivering food considering foreign culture, purchasing the medicine and medical devices, drawing out the trash and cleaning, purchasing cell phone, laundry, and buying goods for long term residents.

WIDERS KOREA decided to run 24hours call center by language.

In the MOU ceremony, Mun-jin, Yoon, the CEO of HONEYBEES said “It is meaningful that we expand ‘DDINGDONG’ service from domestic to foreigners because the service has already been provided hundreds of thousands of service to domestic users and gained recognition.”

Jeongju, Lee, the CEO of WIDERS KOREA, declared “As glowing up in the Medical Tourism Market, ‘Concierge Service’ Market in non-medical part is also growing. We gain a foothold to enhance the service for monthly average about 400 foreign patients managed by WIDERS KOREA.

Both companies are planning to provide services to foreign patients visiting Korea from January next year through this business alliance.


Dankook University-WIDERS KOREA, Signed MOU on Interpreter·Guidance for Human Resource Development for Arab Patients.

On November 29th, Dankook University and WIDERS KOREA Signed MOU on ‘Arabic Human Resource Development Program’ on Cheonan Campus of Dankook University.

This MOU was done for training a specialist in non-medical service(interpreter, guidance etc.) for Arab Patients with major participants including Prof. Sewon, Jang, Arabic Division of Dankook University and Mr. Hwankyu, Lee, director of WIDERS KOREA.

Hwankyu, Lee, a director of WIDERS KOREA, mentioned ” The number of Arab patients decreased sharply because of MERS(Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus), however, it tends to rise again. This MOU has a big meaning as we have high needs for specialized human resources of non-medical field by contracting insurance claims and attracting Arab patients with DAMAN insurance company( UAE national Insurance company).”

Prof. Sewon, Jang of Dankook University expected “It will be a good opportunity for the students majoring in Arabic since the Arabic market is very likely to expand and develop beginning of referring patients from UAE government.”

In the other hand, WIDERS KOREA provided the lecture on non-medical service for Arab Patients to the students majoring in Arabic from Chosun and Dankook University from 28th to 29th last month.

WIDERS KOREA has been running off the on-site internship program for students majoring in Arabic from Myonji University, Chosun University, and Dankook university since March 2015

The internship students are available to have experience in medical interpretation and guidance work for Arab patients, who are getting treatment at Severance Hospital, Seoul National University Hospital, Samsung Seoul Medical Center, Seoul National university Bundng Hospital, Korea University Medical Center, and Wooridul Hospital.

Prof. Kyuyoung, Jeong in Arabic division of Chosun University declared “I will open Medical interpreter course in 2016 to help students to choose their career.”


Medical Promotion Event for Severance Cardiovascular Hospital in Kazakhstan

Even though continuous slide in oil prices, Kazakhstan patients are still interested in and need to Korean Medical Tourism.

To keep pace with the medical market demand, Severance Cardiovascular Hospital hold a Medical Public Relations and WIDERS KOREA was responsible for planning and executing the event. It was held for 4 days from 1st to 4th. of Sep. 2015.

Both Kazakhstan hospital and Sevrance Cardiovascular Hospital showed a positive reaction to the cooperation and made some cooperative proposals.

Dr. Youngkuk, Go provided a lecture on vascular diseases to more than 70 audience including professors, medical residents and students at the Almaty Heart Center.

They made discussion on mutual MOU, medical staff training programs and medical charity in the meetings with the hospital director of Almaty Heart Center, pediatrics cardiovascular Hospital, TAU SUNKAR(Private), Health City.

In addition, two free health clinic were held by Korea Medical Travel and WIDERS KOREA respectively.

Total 80 patients were received medical treatment by Dr. Youngkuk, Go and Sunyoung, Park of Severance cardiovascular this event.

On the last day, they made detailed discussion on cooperating method for referring patients to Korea through the meeting with five agencies including KOREA MEDICAL TRAVEL and KOREA VISION TOUR. etc.